What's the Best Puffer Jacket for Women?

Hard to say, because there is no best jacket for all women, as each woman is unique. Each woman has her own expectations, her own needs, her own style. That is why, above all, you should find the puffer jacket that suits you best. To do so, we recommend you define what you're looking for, how and where you plan to wear it, which features are essential to you, so you can find the perfect match on our online shop. Need a hand? Let's look at it together!

Extreme Cold VS Cool Temperatures

Foremost, let's compare 2 climates: extreme cold VS cool temperatures. Depending on your habits, on your plans and on your geographical localisation, different types of puffer jackets are made you. The need for insulation in your Women's puffer jackets will vary depending on the outside temperatures.

Do you plan to go to an extreme cold country during winter season? Do you plan to spend time in the mountain and do not wish to shiver any longer? Then, you should pick a puffer jacket that can provide maximum warmth to your body and protection from the wind. Our own reflective technologies, Omni-Heatโ„ข Reflective and our gold-lining Omni-Heatโ„ข Infinity can help you choose the ideal piece for your needs. Down puffer jackets and synthetic insulated puffers are great options. Please use our filters to find the perfect match!

Will you need to wear your puffer jackets when engaging in sport activities or other outdoor activities in cooler but not colder weather? If so, you should opt for a coat that is compressible and lightweight. Down insulated puffer jackets are quite perfect as they provide excellent warmth without adding unnecessary weight.

Some of our quilted jackets are easy to pack, please check on our website to find the model that best suits you!

The Style

There are different types of puffer jackets for women. First, you'll find the puffers with big baffles, ideal for a urban, fashion, trending and super stylish look but paired with great insulation and our brand and shop insulating technologies.

Then, you can buy our lighter puffers ideal for layers, easier to carry and perfect for an outdoor look and for cooler temperatures, as explained before. You'll also find a motley of designs, fabrics (recycled polyester, feather, polyester...), shapes (padded, oversized, cropped, long length...) and colours for every style! Classic black or grey, blue, red, pink, violet, orange... Any colour for any taste and occasion!

Multiple Pockets and Optional Hood

Here comes ones of the most important features: the number of pockets and the hood. With or without hood? If you would like to be protected from the rain and water in general, we recommend you opt for a hooded puffer jacket. Please note that some of our models offer a removable hood, if needed.

Moreover, some of our puffer jackets for women come with practical multiple pockets, providing ample storage for your essentials.ย  The Women's Powder Liteโ„ข Hooded Jacket, for example, has various zippered pockets, including an interior security pocket. A great feature for your outdoor activities!