How Warm is a Puffer Jacket?

Are you looking for a high quality warm puffer jacket to protect you from extreme cold to cooler temperatures during winter season? You're lucky, then. At Columbia, we offer many puffer jackets designedย with different levels of warmth and insulation to fit you during your outdoor expeditions or urban activities.

Good thing is you have the choice! It depends on our inner technologies, on the material and the fabric that our men and Women's puffer jackets can provide thanks to different types of insulation and the warmest materials. Let us guide you!

Columbia Reflective Technologies

At Columbia, we have been working hard to develop various inner reflective technologies to protect you from the cold. Depending on the type of technology your puffer provides, it will be efficient against different weather conditions. These proprietary technologies reflect and retain your body heat while allowing moisture to escape.


OMNI-HEATโ„ข INFINITY technology is amazing to enhance warmth and comfort in cold conditions. It also provides highly breathable feature, as well as instant warmest feelings. It is the gold standard in warmth because it offers the highest body-heat reflection.

Do you plan to go hiking or being exposed to cold for many hours? Then, we recommend you opt for a puffy jacket provided with our OMNI-HEATโ„ข Infinity technology. Indeed, this reflective technology design offers maximum thermal efficiency in prolonged exposure to cold. Gold dots trap warmth and body heat, so you no longer suffer from the cold when you have to stay outside for a long time.


This technology is perfect if you need a puffer jacket to protect you from extreme cold temperatures. OMNI-HEATโ„ข 3D is best for prolonged exposure to freezing cold when next-to-skin comfort is ideal. Thanks to its new pattern of silver reflectors with expanded coverage for enhanced heat retention and small pods that create an air gap between body and fabric, this insulation jacket will keep your body warm and comfortable in any severe cold condition.


This technology is ideal if you are looking for a puffer jacket for prolonged exposure to cold but also practical. They come with high breathability, lightweight warmth, so you can wear multiple layers if needed. Silver dots that retain body heat will keep you warm no matter what.

Columbia Insulated Technologies

From mild to extreme cold, our inner insulated technologies bring heat and protect you from the cold and the wind.


Do you plan to go hiking or skiing in the mountain? Do you want to stay warm during your outdoor activities? Then DOUBLE WALLโ„ข technology is great for you. Its outer fabric layer traps heat and blocks wind, it is water-resistant, and its innovative construction keeps you warmer all along.


TURBODOWNโ„ข is the performance-enhanced insulation. It fits for moderate to extreme cold conditions requiring lightweight warmth. This kind of jacket is versatile and retains warmth even when wet.


This technology has been developed to provide an efficient, lightweight synthetic insulation. You'll find it in our puff jackets filled with polyester insulation, for example. It's great in cold conditions requiring lightweight warmth!

Furthermore, levels of warmth depend also on the insulation type (down vs synthetic), even though both of them are efficient at Columbia. In order for you to buy the perfect option, you can use our useful filter content "level of warmth" on product listing pages.

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