Which Jacket is Best for Winter for Women?

You're looking for new items to buy for next winter season, and you would like to know which jacket is best for winter? Hard to say, because all the jackets we sell are different. However, we can give you a hand to define what you need and what types of jackets would suit you best according to your preferences.

Which Jacket to Face Extreme Cold vs Cool Temperatures?

You have to know that depending on the weather and the type of cold you will face, the need for insulation will vary. At Columbia, we have developed several inner reflective technologies that will keep you warm and comfortable in any situation:

  • OMNI-HEATโ„ข INFINITY: great in cold conditions, highly breathable and offers the highest body-heat reflection.
  • OMNI-HEATโ„ข BLACK DOT: great for prolonged exposure to cold.
  • OMNI-HEATโ„ข 3D: amazing in extreme and severe cold conditions.
  • OMNI-HEATโ„ข REFLECTIVE: perfect for prolonged exposure, dynamic outdoor activities as it is lightweight and allows you to wear multiple layering.

If you need help to find the perfect match, please use our website's filters on product listing categories. They will help you find the ideal "level of warmth" for your needs.

Please, also note that puffers and parkas are the heaviest jackets, which will provide great insulation on top of Columbia insulation technologies.

Which Jacket to Buy for Sport/Outdoor Activities in the Cold?

Down Jackets

If you're going to be active and engage in outdoor sports activities, then some features are important to mention. To begin with, your winter jacket must be lightweight to allow you to comfortably move while being protected from the weather. Among the best options to practice outdoor sports, you'll find our high-quality down jackets. These jackets provide a great warmth due to their natural down insulation made of goose or duck feathers. Indeed, down jackets are known for being more lightweight than synthetic insulated jackets (filled with polyester or recycled polyester, for example). They are also highly compressible to put in your backpack, if needed.

Winter Jackets with Multiple Pockets

Moreover, you can look for a jacket with multiple pockets for storage, as this feature is quite useful when hiking or practising some outdoor activities. Some of our jackets provide many pockets, including an internal security pocket to storage your essentials.

Hooded Jackets

If you plan to stay outside for a while, then we recommend you pick a jacket with a hood and wind resistant. The weather is sometimes unpredictable and as a result, you will need to prepare for any kind of situation: rain, wind and severe cold.

Which Jacket is Best for Urban Activities?

If you're going to visit a city or need a warm jacket for your daily urban life, we recommend you opt for a puffer jacket or a parka. Our men and ย women's puffer jackets, as well as our parkas are stylish, fashion and provide high warmth and comfort.

Which Jacket to Keep You Warm and Dry?

Do you need a versatile outerwear which is capable of protecting you from the cold and from the rain? Then, a parka is a great option. Parka coats provide high insulation and are also waterproof. That means you will stay dry, protected from the rain and warm in any situation.

Some other jackets also are water-resistant or waterproof, please use our filters to find the jacket that fits you perfectly!

Columbia winter jackets for women are available in different colours (classic or more flashy), designs, shape, length (mid-long, longer, cropped, adjustable...).