How to Wash a Puffer Jacket?

You've just bought a Columbia puffer jacket and would like to know how to properly take care of it? Follow us to know how to wash our men's and women's puffer jackets and what you should avoid in order to keep yours in great conditions as long as possible.

How to Wash a Natural Down Insulated Puffer Jacket?

Foremost, you should know that the cleaning process depends mostly on the type of fabrics your puffer jacket is made of. If it is insulated with duck or geese feathers, it's quite different from synthetic insulation. Here, we'll see how to properly wash puffer jacket with natural insulation, so you can prevent yourself from causing any damage.


It's easy. Before washing it in the washing machine, we recommend that you close all zipย and flaps, and brush off any loose dirt or grime. Then, you should turn your garment inside out if possible. Wash in a front load washing machine in cold water on a gentle cycle, they are enough to remove the stains, if necessary. Beware, the agitator in top load machines could damage your garment.

Cleaning Detergents and Drying

Do you need help to choose your cleaners to wash your natural down coats? Then, we recommend that you use extra mild/delicate detergent or down specific detergent to preserve the feathers and extend the life of the garment, preferably non-toxic and with biodegradable label. Do not bleach or add fabric softener, the strong chemicals can degrade the materials over time.

Regarding the drying, it is better that you do it on very low to no heat. Indeed, this might take a few cycles, but high heat can damage the feathers or the fabric. To help restore the fluffiness of the down, add one tennis ball or two (or three) to your dryer. Check the garment every 15-20 minutes to pull apart a clump or a fluff, if necessary. This process will help ensure that feathers are distributed evenly, and the garment is completely dry, which will prevent mould. You also can let it dry naturally in the fresh air.

How to Wash a Synthetic Down Insulated Puffer Jacket?

Instead of feathers, your synthetic puffer jacket may be insulated with polyester or recycled polyester, for example. In this case, a few differences are to be highlighted.

Washing and Solvents

The washing and solvents steps are exactly the same as for the natural down insulated jackets. Use mild detergent, preferably biodegradable, wash in a front load washing machine in cold water on a gentle cycle. And be careful with the agitator!


Synthetic puffer jackets resist better to drying that naturel down insulated ones but hate compression. You can tumble dry on low heat, but should remove promptly after the dry cycle. Don't leave your puffer jacket any longer.

Please note that hand wash is possible. 30โ€“60 minutes soaking in lightly warm (not hot) to cold water in a sink or tub, then gently wash the jacket using your down-friendly mild detergent.

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