How to Wear Long Puffer Jackets for Women?

Puffer jackets have become wardrobe staples and a must-have for women. It is the ultimate outerwear that will keep you warm and comfortable during winter season. Moreover, Women's puffer jackets ย offer a stylish and on-trend look! You prefer long length puffers,ย  and you would like to know how to wear and style it? Let's have a look!

For a Sporty and Urban Look

Would you like to enhance your long quilted jacket with a sporty look? Then, you could opt for leggings, a beautiful sweater or shirts and sneakers for a great sporty style. Pair them with sunglasses, a sporty watch and a nice cap, and you'll look lovely!

For an urban and casual look, you can pick some jeans, nice high boots and a hoodie. Please note that long oversized puffer jackets with big baffles and short cropped jackets with big baffles are perfect options for an urban look!

Go Monochromatic!

Pairing a classic black puffer jacket with black leggings will create a very stylish and sleek look. Add a pop of colour by pairing it with a bright scarf or a bright beanie hat. The same goes for a white look, if you pick a white puffer, choose a white jean or white dresses and add coloursย with your accessories (bag, scarf, hat...).

Play With Proportions

In order to wear your long winter coat like a fashion pro, you should learn how to play with proportions. Pair your long puffer with wide-leg pants or a maxi skirt for a dramatic look. This will create an interesting balance between the volume of the jacket and the flow of the skirts or pants.

Dress Up!

Chic and cosy at the same time, what do you think? To dress your puffer jacket up, you can try pairing it with a skirt and boots for a feminine and cold weather outfit. You can add thin belts and elegant silk scarves, and you'll look stunning! Pair your long puffer jacket with ankle boots and skinny jeans for a chic and effortless look!

Mix Textures and Fabrics

Look 1: Some Columbia puffer jackets are made in polyester, which can be paired with leather boots or a chunky knit scarf to create a mix of textures and fabrics.

Look 2: You can also wear a knit scarf and velvet leggings to bring in other textures while staying warm. Pairing your scarf with velvet leggings will provide a luxurious feel.

Look 3: Here comes another mix textures and fabrics look! Pair your puffer jacket with a plaid scarf and corduroy pants. This retro-inspired look will be perfect for autumn and winter weather!

Look 4: Denim pants! Denim adds a casual element, while the puffer jacket adds extra warmth.

Hope our ideas helped you with it! Our long puffers come in several designs and patterns, let's shop now!

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