What's the Best Warm Puffer Jacket for Winter?

Are you looking for the warmest puffer jacket to feel comfortable in winter season? You're lucky, we like to help fellow adventurers on the Columbia online shop. Depending on our inner insulation technologies, our puffer jackets protect you from mild to extreme cold temperatures. Let's take a look together on how to find the best warm puffer jacket for winters to come!

Check Our Reflective Technologies and Choose the Perfect One for You!

We've been working hard to offer you the opportunity to find the perfect warm men and women's puffer jackets fitting your needs. That's why we developed our advanced thermal-reflective technologies. Each one adapts to any type of cold, so you can wear the perfect jacket according to your habits and needs. Here they are:

  • OMNI-HEATโ„ข INFINITY: This is our ultimate insulated technology. Jackets provided with this technology are great in cold conditions, highly breathable and offer the highest body-heat reflection.
  • OMNI-HEATโ„ข BLACK DOT: if you plan to stay outside for a while, please note that this technology is perfect for prolonged exposure to cold and wind.
  • OMNI-HEATโ„ข 3D: amazing in even colder weather: extreme and severe cold conditions.
  • OMNI-HEATโ„ข REFLECTIVE: recommended for prolonged exposure and active outdoor activities, as it is lightweight and allows you to wear several layers.

Use our Website's Filters!

If you want to compare different levels of warmth in order to find the perfect match for you, please use our filters. While shopping on our website, you'll find them on category pages to pick what is right for you, from light warmth (level 1) to extremely warm (level 3).

How to Know How Warm is a Down Puffer Jacket?

Down puffer jackets are insulated with duck or goose feather filling. They are known for being one of the warmest jackets on the market. Moreover, they are also lightweight and compressible, which make them very good options for your outdoor activities. If you want to know how warm is a down quilted jacket, our recommendation is you look for its fill power in grams. Indeed, the more you have, the more the outwear will provide a warmth/weight ratio.

Let's take a closer look! Fill power refers to the amount of space that one ounce of down occupies when it is uncompressed. A higher fill indicates that the down will be more effective at trapping heat. Here is a rough guide to the warmth levels that you can expect from our brand's different fill power ratings:

  • 300 to 500 grams: they are considered to be on the lighter end of the warmth spectrum. They are usually suitable for mild to cool temperatures.
  • 500 to 700 grams: these are suitable for colder temperatures, they are good choice for winter weather in areas with moderate to cold temperatures.

You'll find many different fashionable and stylish puffer coat styles and designs at Columbia: various colours, hooded, oversized, cropped, longer, mid-length, with multiple pockets, padded with recycled polyester, water repellent...

If you want to kick your winter wardrobe into high gear, then a cosy puffer jacket is the right pick!

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