How Should a Puffer Jacket Fit?

How should a puffer jacket perfectly fit? Actually, it is hard to say, as the perfect fit mostly depends on how you want to wear it and on your preferences. However, we can help you style your puffer jacket according to different types of looks, so it fits lovely. Let's have a look at it together.

How Should a Puffer Fit with an Urban Look?

For an urban look, men or Women's puffer jacketsย with big baffles are preferred. Oversized or fitted puffer coatsย with big baffles are a very trendy option for a fashion urban look! Moreover, as they come with various cuts, colours, lengths and features, you'll easily find the perfect match for you.

How Should a Puffer Fit with an Outdoor Look?

What we usually call an outdoor look is a more technical outfit. It is perfect when you're engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping or fishing, for example. In this case, we recommend you opt for the most comfortable puffer jacket for you. You do not want to be loose or tight! Light puffer jackets with small baffles or down puffer jackets (insulated jackets filled with duck/geese feathers) are both amazing options. Down puffer coats are known to be simple to pack and lightweight, you don't feel heavy inside of it.

Let's have a look at some tips!


To feel fully comfortable, check the size of your puffer jacket. You should be able to move your arms and shoulders freely. The most important thing is it does not fit too tight or too loose. The sleeve size of the jacket should be long enough to cover your wrists and should not ride up when you move your arms.


It's also important that you consider the length of your puffer jacket for an outdoor look. A longer puffer can provide more coverage and warmth to your body, while a shortย jacket may be more practical for activities like hiking or skiing. Longer jackets are recommended if you plan to face severe cold weather conditions.


If you'd like to have a stylish and functional look at the same time, choose a colour that complements your outdoor outfit. Neutral colours like black, navy or grey can be versatile and go well with a variety of other colours, for example. You can also opt for a monochromatic look, which is an on-trend idea, or for a brighter colour such as red, pink or orange to make your look pop.


A puffer jacket can be worn as a mid-layer or outer layer, depending on the weather and activity. For colder weather, it can be worn under a shell jacket, while in milder weather, it can be worn on its own. If you plan to wear many layers, you should favour oversized puffer jackets or loose-fitting puffers.


If you're facing extreme cold temperatures, you can add accessories like a beanie hat, gloves and a scarf to complete your outdoor look. In addition to providing more warmth, it also adds style and personality to your outfit.

Our wide ranges of puffer jackets provide comfort and warm for cold winter and mild season. You'll find synthetic insulation with synthetic and efficient materials and down insulating jackets that trap the body heat with high-quality material.

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