What's So Great About a Puffer Jacket for Women?

Women's puffer jackets have become a must-have in any woman's wardrobe. This winter season outerwear come in different colours, shapes, designs and lengths to protect you efficiently from the cold. Do you wantย to know why you should buy a puffer jacket from Columbia's shop? Stay with us!


One of the main reasons why you should opt for a puffer jacket is the level of warmth. Columbia Puffer jackets are designed to keep you warm in cold weather. They are typically insulated with materials such as down feathers or synthetic fibres, like polyester or recycled polyester, which trap your body heat and keep you cosy. On our website, you'll find a "level of warmth" filter to guide you, so you can find the perfect match. You can also compare our inner reflective technologies to pick the right one for you. Some are made for colder temperatures, others for cooler ones, check them!


Despite their great warmth, quilted jackets are often surprisingly lightweight, making them very comfortable to wear. Down puffer jackets are known to be particularly lightweight and easy-to-pack. Let's take a look!


What is so great about men and women's puffer jacketsย option for winter is how versatile they are. At Columbia, we provide you with a wide range of colours, shapes and features, so you can be one with your outwear. For example, you can buy:

  • Cropped Puffer Jackets: a shorter length for a trendy look!
  • Oversized Puffer Jackets: a stylish urban look.
  • Puffer Jackets with big baffles: very fashion and urban look, too.
  • Lightweight with small baffles: ideal to wear when you face cooler temperatures.
  • Hooded Puffer Jackets: Great coat to protect you from the water. You can find some pieces with a removable hood.
  • Puffer jackets with multiple pockets: a great feature to keep your essentials safe and protected from the weather. Some of our brand's pieces even come with an internal security pocket, so you can store your most vulnerable items while you're hiking or engaging in any other outdoor activity.
  • And many more...
Puffer jackets can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion, while providing a great insulation.


If you need a puffer jacket to protect you from the cold and from the rain, no worries! You can find several puffers that are made with water-repellent or waterproof materials. This type of outwear will help you keep dry in wet and snowy conditions.

Packable Puffers

In our inventory, we also have packable puffers for both big puffers and lighter ones! These are absolutely perfect for an early spring urban city walk when the temperatures are still cold, but the sun might rear its head.


Puffer jackets have been a fashion staple for many years, and they continue to be popular today. Indeed, they offer a classic yet trendy look that can elevate any outfit and layers you wear.

You can also style them with coordinated accessories such as a hat, sunglasses, a handbag, a scarf, collars, a belt for the waist, a stylish watch, technical accessories for your outdoor expeditions, and many more.

Don't wait any longer! Shop now at Columbia and buy a winter jacket which will protect you from the cold and the weather for many winters and stories to come!

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