What is a Puffer Jacket?

A puffer jacket is a type of insulated jacket that features a quilted or "puffy" design. That's actually why the other name of a puffer jacket is a quilted jacket in English. At Columbia, a puffer jacket is filled with down or synthetic insulation, which provides warmth at different levels of insulation. A puffer jacket can also provide other features that we will see together, stay with us and learn everything about your next great puffer jacket!

The Puffer Jacket's Story

Let's take you back to the origins of the puffer jacket in the 30s in the US...

By the time, the first down puffer jacket was developed to protect from the cold while people were fishing, hunting or engaging in any other outdoor activity. It had absolutely no fashion goal. Over the years, the item became more and more popular, so other brands created their own versions using different fabrics and materials.

Nowadays, the puffer jacket is a must-have in any woman's wardrobe with a motley of different colours, patterns, shapes, lengths and features.

Natural Down Insulation VS Synthetic Down Insulation

At Columbia, you'll find different types of puffer jackets, depending on your favourite styles and needs. One of the main differences you'll face is natural vs down. Indeed, you can wear Women's puffer jackets ย that are filled with feathers (duck's or goose's, for example) or with a synthetic material like polyester fabric.ย Both have their advantages, but natural down insulated puffer jackets are known for being more lightweight and very compressible, while synthetic ones are usually more water-resistant and a good choice for wet and rainy conditions.

However, thanks to our inner innovative technologies, you'll be able to buy some pieces that reunite all these characteristics to offer you versatile and protective coats in any weather conditions.

Different Levels of Insulation

Do you plan to face severe cold weather next winter season? Then you will need a puffer jacket that is capable of protecting your whole body from the cold and the wind. In order to help you find the perfect match, you can use our website's filters to find the ideal level of insulation warmth for your comfort needs and protection.

Many Features

A Columbia puffer jacket can come with many useful features that you might need. During your shopping, you may cross the road of a puffer that is easier to pack, waterproof, water-resistant, with many pockets including internal security pocket, hoody option feature, and even more...

To help you with it, you can use our website's filters to find perfect items that are made for you.

Various Fashion Styles and Shapes

Nowadays, puffer jackets come in different styles, colours, weight, length and looks to fit you all. At Columbia, you'll find, cropped, mid-length, longer, flashy colours, very puffy, light puffy, classic colours, patterns with several colours... Your puffer jacket is both efficient and stylish for many winters to come!

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