What is a Down Jacket?

Would you like to keep warm, dry and comfortable during your outdoor and urban winter adventures? You are lucky then. Down jackets have got everything to meet with your needs and preferences. Plus, down jackets come in different shapes, colours and shapes, so you can find the perfect match for you. Let's guide you!


A Very Warm and Insulated Jacket

Down jackets are usually filled with down feathers, such as feathers of ducks or geese feathers. That is why they've been given this name, and they are considered as one of the warmest outwear you can buy for winter and cold weather temperatures.

So you know, feathers are compressed into small pockets called "baffles" within the jacket's fabric. Down jackets are not necessarily down puffer jackets with big baffles, even though some pieces may check this box.

A down jacket can have multiple styles and provide many features to make you feel perfect outside in the cold. Some may have waterproof, water-resistant, hooded, double-breasted or easier to pack feature, for example.

When Was The Down Jacket Born?

Although it is quite complicated to give you a specific date, the origin of the down jacket can be traced back to the early 20th century. The first commercially successful down jacket was created in 1936, in Seattle (USA).

We know that it was first designed in the aim of engaging in outdoor activities, such as hiking or camping. Over the years, the down jacket has become both an outdoor and a fashion outfit. Today, there are a wide rangeย of colours, styles, different levels of insulation and come with multiple features to fit you. You can find oversized down jackets, adventurer's sporty jackets, parka style down jackets and even men's puffer jackets, among other possibilities.

What Makes Columbia Sportswear's Down Jackets So Special?

Our down jackets are great and unique for many good reasons. First things first, over the years, we have been working hard to develop several technologies to provide you the warmest and most protective down jacket. These technologies are incorporated into our outfits, so you can enjoy every benefit. You'll find:

  • Omni-Heatโ„ข Infinity Technology: to reflect and trap body heat and keep you warm even in severe cold conditions thanks to golden and reflective dots.
  • Omni-Techโ„ข Technology: to create waterproof and breathable down jackets, so you can keep warm and dry in wet and rainy conditions.
  • TurboDownโ„ข Technology: this technology is hybrid. It has been developed to combine the benefits of down and synthetic insulationย so your jacket is warm, water-resistant and compressible. All in one product!

On the other hand, Columbia's high quality down jackets offer different level of insulation that you can choose from thanks to filters available on our online shop. They are also compact and come in many colours, types of styles, looks and shapes, such as long length, cropped, mid-length, with or without hoods, and many more.

Down insulating properties provide an exceptional warmth to weight ratio, jackets are lightweight and usually lighter than synthetic insulated ones, durable and so comfortable for winter.

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