Are Puffer Jackets Waterproof?

In general, men's puffer jackets ย are not specifically designed to be waterproof. However, at Columbia Sportswearยฎ, we develop waterproof and water-resistant puffer jackets. Indeed, we can provide you puffer jackets with different levels of waterproofness.

What is a Puffer Jacket?

Men's puffer jackets and coats, have "puffy" sections (that have been puffed up or filled with air) between the stitching. The insulation of these jackets may either be with down materials, like duck feathers, for example, or synthetic materials, like polyester. Both of these options provide a great level of warmth in winter season.ย  A puffer jacket can also be a warm waist-length or hip-length coat.

Depending on the material and the design, a puffer jacket can be waterproof, but this feature is not a common thing. However, at Columbia Sportswear, we have been working hard to offer you a range of water-resistant or waterproof puffer jackets to protect you from the water while you are outside. Through our filters, we help you find the perfect waterproof jacket thanks to our levels of waterproofness.

Columbia's Waterproof Puffer Jackets

First and foremost, let's see the difference between a waterproof and a water-resistant jacket. In short, โ€œwater- resistantโ€ types describe a jacket's ability to resist water penetration to a certain degree, but sometimes not completely. On the other hand, โ€œwaterproofโ€ means that it's impermeable no matter how much time it spends under the rain. Our brand has defined various levels of waterproofness and provide some water-resistant and waterproof puffer jackets to buy.

Here are some examples of our waterproof puffer jackets:

A feature rich jacket for days on the slopes.
Sale price: £147.00 Regular price: £210.00

This model is a versatile winter ski jacket designed for outdoor activities in cold and wet conditions. It features a minimalist design, which includes a waterproof and breathable shell. To face rainyย weather conditions, simply zip it up!ย Its style and design are absolutely ideal for skying in the mountain.

A long hooded waterproof parka with reflective insulation and 700-fill down for cold days and nights... Read More
Sale price: £220.50 Regular price: £315.00

This puffer jacket is a long winter parka designed to provide warmth and protection from the rain to your entire body. The outer shell of the jacket is made of waterproof and breathable high quality fabric called Omni-Techโ„ข. This particular fabric technology uses a microporous membrane that prevents water from penetrating the jacket while still allowing moisture to escape from the inside. As a result, you'll be kept dry and warm and 100% comfortable.

This waterproof jacket has been designed to keep you dry in rainy, cool and cold conditions. Made of Omni-Techโ„ข materials, the taped seams of the jacket are fully sealed to prevent water from seeping through the stitching. It's a perfect rainy jacket with various pockets, including zippered hand ones and an interior security pocket. The latter is useful to take care of your precious items during deluge or showers of rain.

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