How to style a puffer jacket for men?

You would like to buy a beautiful puffer jacket for winter, but you have no idea how to style it? You're lucky, we have some tips for you!

Sporty and Casual Look

These two looks suit you well, and you would like to know how to bring your jacket to light? We recommend you pair your puffer jacket with joggers and sneakers for a sporty and casual outfit. Columbia Sportswear offers a range of joggers within several collections, that are designed to keep you comfortable during outdoor activities.

Urban Look


You're more like an urban look aficionado? In this case, you could layer your puffer jacket over a hoodie or a crew neck sweater and pair it with denim jeans or joggers. This look is pretty perfect for cold weather temperatures and is very simple to dress up. Our brand offers a motley of hoodies and sweaters that come in different colours and styles to worn in any urban environment.

A Street Style Look

Would you like to street style your men's puffer jackets? Therefore, we recommend you wear it with a graphic tee, distressed jeans and sneakers for a pure street-style look. Please note that we offer a variety of graphic tee-shirts that are quite perfect to elaborate a 100% streetwear style.

A Monochomatic Look

This is a pretty elegant and stylish look that is to come. For a sleek and popular fashion look, wear a monochromatic outfit and pair it with a puffer jacket in a constrasting colour. For instance, pick an all-black sweater/tee-shirt/shirt with a bright red/yellow/orange puffer jacket. Our puffer quilted jackets come in a wide range of colours and shapes with many features (zip, hood, waterproof, and many more.). Use our online filters to help you find the best jacket.


To style your puffer jacket like a pro, add some accessories, such as a beanie, gloves or a scarf to complete your look. Furthermore, you can pay attention to the colour of your backpack or boots for a great, functional and stylish outfit.

Dress Up

If you wear a lightweight puffer jacket, you could pair it with a collared or dress shirt, dress pants and dress shoes for an elegant and classy look. These types of items stand perfect for a night out or a business casual event.

Colour Coordination

In order to style your puffer jacket properly, you should pay attention to colour coordination. If your jacket is a bright colour, pick a more neutral-coloured or monochromatic outfit to balance your look. Stick to neutral colours like black, grey, white or dark blue for the rest of your clothes.

On the contrary, if your puffer is quite classic coloured, then you can opt for brighter shades for your outfit. The main idea here is to create a contrast that fits your style.