How to Choose a Puffer Jacket For Men?

You are unique, free and independent. That is one of the main reasons why your perfect choice will depend on your preferences, habits and needs. However, in order to find the puffer jacket that cater to all your conditions, Columbia Sportswear will guide you and give you the best advices to organise your research.

An Urban or an Outdoor Look?

Let's begin with the style and the fashionable you. The first question you should ask yourself is: Do I prefer a urban look or a wilder look? At Columbia Sportswear, we offer you various models to cater to your preferences, as men's puffer jackets come in different variations. You'll find winter puffers with big baffles that are just ideal to fit with an urban and a very stylish look and severe cold temperatures. The Men's Labyrinth Loopโ„ข Insulated Hooded Jacket is a great example of a puffer jacket that can be use in the city. This insulated puffer jacket will protect you from the cold while giving you an urban style thanks to darker color variations. The same happens with the Men's Lake 22 Down Hooded Jacket. You'll find many other models for an urban look, please use our filters to check out your perfect match.

Are you looking for a light urban jacket for cool and warmer temperatures? Let's take a look at our Menโ€™s Delta Ridge downย Jacket, for example! This serious jacket retains body heat and is one of the softest, lightest jackets we make.

You are looking for a 'wilder' or mountain look to engage in all the outdoor activities you like? Then, we recommend you pick a model that is versatile, water-resistant and easier to pack in your backpack. Our 3-in-1 models are one of the best options for versatile jackets. Moreover, thanks to our filters, you'll be able to choose between different levels of waterproofness. Furthermore, treating your waterproof jacket regularly with dwr treatments will make it more durable.

Down or Synthetic?

The type of insulation you choose is crucial when it comes to the quality and performance of your jacket. Your puffer jacket can be insulated either with down (duck or geese feathers, for example) or synthetic fabric materials. Down is warmer, more lightweight, and compressible, while synthetic materials are, in general, less expensive and can still provide warmth when wet.

Which Kind of Features Do You Need?

Look for features like adjustable hoods, zippered pockets, and adjustable cuffs to customize your fit and keep you warm in cold weather. You can find all these options across Columbia Sportswear puffer jackets.

Weight and Loft

The weight and loft of a puffer jacket are also important factors to consider. Look for a jacket that provides the right amount of warmth for your needs without being too heavy or bulky. Please note that Columbia Sportswear offers a range of puffer jackets with varying weights and lofts to cater to different preferences and needs!

Outdoor happiness is in your hands!