As an outdoor company, we make every effort to respect and preserve natural resources. Our goal is to limit our impact on the communities we touch while sustaining the land we love.
OUTDRY™ EXTREME ECO JACKET industry recognition through the REI Root Award
Launched OUTDRY™ EXTREME ECO footwear
7,000 pounds of textile collected for recycling or repurposing through the ReThreads program
BLUESIGN® CERTIFIED PRODUCTS increased from 6 styles in 2016 to 16 styles in 2017 of strategic material vendors are bluesign® certified
100% of our supply chain is 100% Responsible Down certified
20.5 MILLION GALLONS of water saved by coloring materials without water
95% of leather is sourced from facilities that are Leather Working Group members
All of our down-insulated products meet the Responsible Down Standard, a certification that recognizes best practices in animal welfare and verifies responsible sourcing across our supply chain—from farm and raw material to processing and finished product.
The Columbia OutDry™ Extreme ECO Collection is our first waterproof-breathable rainwear made with no intentionally added PFCs.
Instead of using the same 40-year-old approach to building rainwear, we decided to start from scratch. In the process, we reinvented the category and developed a way to remove Perflourinated Compounds (PFCs) without degrading performance. The Columbia OutDry™ Extreme ECO Collection is our first waterproof-breathable rainwear made with no intentionally added PFCs. The collection started with a rain jacket and now has expanded to insulated and down jackets, as well as running and hiking shoes. We use only the most sustainable and ethical materials available, including recycled materials derived from plastic bottles, dye-free fabric, and responsible down. OutDry™ Extreme ECO showcases our commitment to exploring the planet with the smallest footprint possible. The Columbia OutDry™ Extreme ECO Jacket is one of Columbia’s most recognized jackets, receiving awards like REI’s prestigious Root Award. The Root Award recognizes the most innovative, responsibly designed new product of the year.
In 2017, we diverted 7,000 lbs of used clothing and footwear from the landfill through our ReThreads recycling program. Columbia’s Rethreads program encourages consumers to bring in their used clothing and shoes in clean, dry condition, to Columbia retail stores to be given a new life. ReThreads is available in all U.S. Brand and Outlet locations.
We explore ways to design products efficiently so that they require fewer raw materials and components, use less water and energy to manufacture, and are safer for the environment.
bluesign® MATERIALS
The bluesign® system keeps chemicals of concern out of the manufacturing process. Implementing bluesign® enables factories to operate more efficiently, reduce overall water consumption, and ensure products meet the strictest chemical safety requirements. As of 2017, 51% of strategic material vendors are bluesign® certified.
Colored with Less Water
We use materials that are dyed without water or with significantly less water. In 2017, we saved 20.5 million gallons of water by choosing materials colored without water.
Columbia is uses 100% Responsible Down Standard certified natural down based on Textile Exchange’s Responsible Down Standard. Committing to responsibly sourced down ensures the down we use in our products is obtained from animals that have not been subjected to unnecessary harm.
We sourced approximately 95% of leather used in our products from tanneries that are members of the Leather Working Group — a multi-stakeholder group that develops and maintains a protocol to assess the compliance and environmental performance of tanners. The Leather Working Group also promotes sustainable and appropriate environmental business practices within the leather industry.
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