Winter Jackets Just Got Even Warmer Thanks To This Gold Space Suit Material

Less than a year after Popular Science named Omni-Heatβ„’ Black Dot one of 2020’s β€œ100 Greatest Innovations,” the technology platform is back with another iteration
Ever since cavemen first donned wolverine furs, human beings have been inventing ways to make winter jackets warmer. And now, Columbia Sportswear has come up with yet another breakthrough.

Meet Omni-Heatβ„’ Infinity. Debuting in jackets this autumn, the innovative gold material is the latest in the Omni-Heatβ„’ family of cold-weather fabrics. It builds on the original Omni-Heatβ„’ concept inspired by NASA that uses tiny silver dots to reflect heat. The difference with the new gold liner is that it mixes large dots in with small ones, allowing them to cover a greater surface area with the reflective foil, therefore keeping you warmer.

According to the brand, the new heat-reflective technology increases the radiant body heat reflection by a whopping 40 percent. That in turn translates to increased warmth for the wearer.

Typically speaking, consumers can expect to feel the warming effect within minutes of putting the jacket on, although there can be variation depending on what they’re doing and their activity level.

The best part is that due to the pattern, the material can deliver warmth without compromising breathability.

Where Can Omni-Heatβ„’ Infinity Be Found?

A first round of jackets and shoes coming this autumn will be equipped with the new Omni-Heatβ„’ Infinity technology.