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Meet Columbia's extended family. Having a crew of highly talented outdoor athletes and adventurers like this is kind of like having a fleet of brothers and sisters. They might be a little faster or stronger, but they lead by example. They remind us that it’s not how fast you go or how far, it’s that you go.

Kevin Quinn

About Kevin Quinn

Known as "Quinner" to those who know him best, Kevin is the owner and founder of Points North Heli-Adventures in Cordova, Alaska, in business now for 12 years. Kevin has been involved in the outdoor industry nearly his entire life. Growing up in Alaska allowed him to excel in both hockey and skiing, and he left high school at an early age to pursue a professional hockey career. That lasted seven years or so, only for him to be longing to ski the big mountains again. Kevin's company is now the standard for Alaskan heli-skiing and is arguably the most media recognized heli-ski operation in the world.

Featured in the last nine consecutive Warren Miller films, both Kevin and Points North continue to be the standard of excellence. When Kevin is not running his heli-ski operation, he can be found in a number of different areas either in Squaw Valley, California where he is an ambassador and member of the free-ride team, or somewhere floating a remote river chasing huge fish, flying his airplane, jumping out of airplanes with his Columbia canopy, pedaling his mountain bike, or even exploring Antarctica.

Kevin has not only been a staple in the media world with the likes of the Warren Miller films and numerous editorials and publications, but he is also the new Secretary of the US Heli-Ski Association and is working hard to become the standard for all mechanized ski guides in the US. For more on Kevin, be sure to follow along with him and his adventures via these sites:

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